Use for basement, underground water reservoir, overhead water tank, safety tank retaining wall, beam, column, piling & also roof etc.

Stir well before use. Introduce along with gauging water at the last to the mixer for best result, Always use measured quantities.


  • Reinforced concrete
  • Rafts & basement
  • Water retaining tanks
  • Wash-rooms
  • Complies with IS:2645
  • Reduces capillary suction
  • Reduces efflorescence
  • Improves cohesion of mix
  • Super Structure Project

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With cement : BiRAT-WP can be used with all type of Portland Gray cement.
Dosage : ¼ or ½ Liter/KG of BiRAT-WP is required for 50 kg (1 bag) of cement which is depend on water layer conditions.
Durability : When used for water reduction the increase in density and reduction of permeability improves durability and reduces


BiRAT-WP Water proofing Admixture improves the water proofing properties of Portland cement mortars, renders, and stucco work and concrete. BiRAT-WP is a unique chemical treatment for the waterproofing and protection of concrete. Among its many uses, BiRAT-WP is suitable for waterproofing reservoirs, sewage and water treatment tank, tunnels, manholes, Sefty Tank underground vaults, foundation walls and parking decks. BiRAT-WP is a permeability reducing admixture for use with all type of mortar and concrete mixes it is particularly suitable for use in ready mixed concrete and all types of structural concrete. It is also usefully employed in precast concrete involving use of wet and semi dry concrete.

BiRAT-WP is a new Generation cement waterproofing compound with corrosion resistant properties. It is formulated on a state of the art technology is recommended for use as an admixture for concrete and rendering. It acts as a powerful dispersing agent enabling the water content to perform more efficiently by causing the cement particles. Which tend to agglomerate, to disperse amid expose a larger surface area.


  • ¼ or ½ liter/kg of BiRAT-WP is required for 50kg (1bag) of cement which is depend on water layer condition.
  • Add BiRAT-WP to the mixing water.
  • Do not add BiRAT-WP water proofing/admixture directly to the cement.
  • Where mixing of water is not possible, it should be poured on aggregate in the feeder.