BiRAT-SR is a low odour, clear High viscosity liquid with water colored hue. It is suitable for use as Steel Sutter/Mould Release agent off shutter concrete castings cured at low and high temperatures.


It may be used concrete casting for fare face smooth structure or neat to coat the non ferrous or rubber moulds of simple or intricate concrete castings. It is applied manually by brush, roller or similar means. The chemical makeup of the product is such that no build up on the moulds take place with use thus allowing for long period mould utilization. The incorporation of corrosion inhibitors allows the steel moulds to remain in excellent condition without the formation of traces of rust.

BiRAT-SR The faithful facsimile of the mould is achieved & fare face smooth structure and also long period mould utilization.

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Per litter BiRAT-SR Coverage 20-35 m meter smooth Area on steel mould

Health and Safety:

It is non toxic to the skin and non allergenic. Splashes to the eyes may be treated by washing copiously with soap water and in case of accidental ingestion an emetic should be administered.