Directly applied for spot leakages for basement floor, retaining wall, water reservoir, water tank, roof & also under water concrete Casting and best for early Shutter releases


BiRAT-QS is a chemical compound in liquid form. Stops running water instantly. BiRAT-QS is effective high water pressure & stopping leakage through surface over which water runs. Which can regulate the setting time of gray cement from its normal setting to few minutes and can be used in any concrete mixes.

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Technical Information:

Form : Liquid
PH : Alkaline
Color : Purple Red
Sp.Gr. : 1.05
Toxicity : Non-Toxic
Setting Time : 30 Second
Self Life : At least 3 months if unopened and stored properly
Packing : 5, 10, 25, 35, 60 liter container


  • Stop running water instantly from crack or leakages
  • Sets under water hence is useful for marine applications
  • Achieves high mechanical strength
  • Non toxic and non hazardous
  • Early shutter releases


  • Depend on spot leakages
  • Approximate 500 ml (1 kg gray cement) for spot leakage.
  • 250 ml per bag of cement, concrete casting of quick setting & early Shutter releaser