First Time in Bangladesh Commercial, Industrial and residential building rooftop heat proofing treatment of modern technolgies.

Why heat proofing roof?

On a hot sunny day, the temperature on the surface  of a traditional to proof can be more than 95-100 degrees or (35-38 degrees Celsius) warmer than the surrounding air temperature. When you imagine that sweltering rooftop next to another, and another, and another, heat absorbing rooftops can often be 8 to 10 Fahrenheit degrees hotter than surrounding areas, But BiRAT-HP treatment get’s your room temperature Reduce to 5 to 10 Degree Celsius apprax 27-29 degree Celsius average, that would be feel cool in the room.

Every rural and suburban neighborhoods, the heat absorbed by a traditional roof on a sunny day raises temperatures inside the house, contributing to higher air conditioning requirements, higher energy costs, and more discomfort on hot days for anyone without air conditioning. Fortunately, the remedy for all this extra heat is relatively low-tech, low-cost and increasingly easy to find: it’s called a BiRAT-HP Roof.

How to make a Heat Insulation Rooftop:

  • All roof surface cleaning with water
  • Waterproofing chemical grout for void fill up
  • Damp proofing chemical with Thermal insulation heat proofing powder cement, sand Mortar-2″-2.5″,
  • Finally Roof Pavement tiles chemical coated (Tally) fittings & finishing
  • Chemical Required per sft, Areas:
  1. Water Prof 50-60 ml per sft.
  2. Damp Prof 50-60 ml per sft.
  3. Heat Prof Powder 50-60 gm per sft.

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A summary of the benefits:

  • Using top of technology
  • High foot traffic is possible
  • Long term high insulation efficiency
  • Excellent comprehensive strength
  • Anti-slip
  • No maintenance Charge
  • Large energy saving to be achieved financial benefits
  • Comfortable living Decrease of needed cooling power
  • Temperature indoors can reduce
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Provides sound proof roof

Damp Coat mixing process:

Powder & liquid chemical mixing properly in a pot make a Damp coat and of course use in an hours.
Mixing ratio : 60 : 40
Method : liquid 60 % + powder 40 %
Coverage : 1 kg = 30 Square Feet Area
Color : Light Brown
Packing : 1 kg per Pack

Birat Chemical corporation provide of heat resistance rooftop. Used these roof heat insulation material reflects solar heat away from the roof. For heat proofing of roof, buildings we use special heat proofing materials with very high solar reflective index which reflect solar heat. For this material manufactured to a lifetime with a thoughtful balance of new patented technology


  • Roof Heat proofing Insulation of Residential complexes
  • Roof Heat proofing insulation of Pharmaceuticals Factories
  • Roof Heat proofing insulation of Commercial Buildings
  • Roof Heat proofing insulation of Industrial Buildings.
  • Roof Heat proofing insulation of Cold Storage
  • Roof Heat proofing insulation of Water Tank, Acid Tanks etc