First Time in Bangladesh, Permanent solution for salinity wall Damping problem, without plaster removing use Damp Coat Chemical & save your building life.

Ideally suited to arrest saltpeter rising dampness. Efflorescence and to produce dense Damp wall, suitable for partition wall, bathroom, kitchen room etc. The increase in density and reduction of permeability improves durability and reduces porosity. Naturally effected in kitchen wall, A/C room wall, allover wall scatting side up to 1 Feet to 2.5 Feet always become Dampness, use Damp Coat & relief permanently.

For a new building:

Before Painting in your wall cleaning from wire brush & washing with water, after dry then apply Damp Coat with brushes, after 3-4 days go for painting.

For a old building:

All damping wall properly remove old paint & efflorescence and to produce dense Damp area without plaster remove only scratching from scrap or wire brush & washing with water and get dry properly then apply Damp Coat with brushes after 3-4 days go for painting.

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  • High viscosity access
  • Deep penetration
  • Bonds to damp surf
  • Solvent free
  • High strength

Damp Coat mixing process:

Powder & liquid chemical mixing properly in a pot make a Damp coat and of course use in an hours.
Mixing ratio : 60 : 40
Method : liquid 60 % + powder 40 %
Coverage : 1 kg = 30 Square Feet Area
Color : Light Brown
Packing : 1 kg per Pack


Do not added Extra water of mixing in Damp Coat & must be after dry plaster on use Damp Coat, no danger for skin, its fully friendly.